The passion and inspiration to create Warrior Masks evolved from vastly challenging life experiences for me over the past few years which required me to find deep rooted strength. As aspects of my “former life” morphed into the abyss, I was confronted with the unknown and provoked to write a new story. Part of my new journey involves tapping into my creative side while using art as a medium to visually express myself, and to connect with others on a deep personal level.

Creating masks that honour people’s unique life story, and that empower them to celebrate their evolution, gives me profound focus and inspiration to carry out meaningful and soulful work. The process of discovering what makes people who they are to create a visual representation of their life is a powerful and profound experience. This engaging process is very spiritual and therapeutic for the mask recipients allowing self reflection and celebration to take place.

I am amazed how we are all so resilient in our own ways and how fascinating our life stories are. We all deserve to be honoured for our courage, our capacity to grow, to love, and to transform as life takes us for a ride.

I am grateful for every person that I get to connect with as they share their journey in the name of creation.