IMG_0609Yara’s Warrior Masks are a creative representation of how individual and potent our unique light is. She has the ability to see deeply into a person and pull out the visual reflection of their courage and truth. Her masks are not only art, they are also sacred totems of healing and inspiration.

The Warrior Mask Yara created for our Warrior Goddess community is currently being passed from sister to sister in recognition of acts of bravery or for any woman who needs some extra support. It has been a beautiful way to weave our community together and share energy between us.  Thanks so much, Yara for your intuitive artistry with the Warrior Masks!

HeatherAsh Amara, Author of Warrior Goddess Training and Awaken Your Inner Fire


JillWorking with Yara was truly a wonderful experience. She helped me to see completely new sides of myself through the process of developing my mask. Through dynamic questions, she provoked me to tap into my true self and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome.

This beautiful mask has become so meaningful to me – it has become an important icon of my personal journey of discovery! There is deep healing potential and transformative capacity in this work, and I very much hope others can get benefit from it.

Jill S.



Yara’s masks are stunningly beautiful and detailed, but they are more than that. Each mask is an embodiment of one’s deep rooted ‘warrior spirit’, on a very personal level. Yara and I sat down over tea as she conducted an intimate interview as she does with all of her clients, getting to know me and understanding what my world is shaped around.

Based on this information, she fashioned a piece of art that is not only beautiful to look at, but also serves as symbol of self-empowerment. Each and every detail represents an element in my life that works in tandem to provide me with strength, courage, joy and inspiration on a daily basis.

      Anna Ruck, blogger of StruckBlog.