The Warrior Mask Experience

You Are A Warrior

The history of masks dates back as far as the 13th century and has provided many cultures transformative experiences through both the wearing and displaying of masks. A Warrior Mask takes a modern twist on tradition and provides individuals a personalized mask that symbolizes their personal strength and fortitude. It represents a unique visual personalized coat of armour for individuals to embody that encompasses their essence on a multifaceted level.

Honour Your Internal Wisdom

The Warrior Mask experience involves an interview with each individual to determine aspects of what makes up their ‘warrior spirit’. What gives them strength, courage, joy, and inspiration in life?  When they have struggled what kept them going? From this process I design a mask that embodies their intrinsic warrior strength, encourages self empowerment, and honors their internal wisdom. Included with the finished mask is a written letter explaining each element used in the design process.

Symbolize Your Personal Fortitude

We all have emotional, physical, and spiritual strength that gets challenged throughout our lives. Sometimes it feels like those challenges may defeat us, and it is difficult to find the stamina to keep growing and moving forward. A Warrior Mask acts as a reminder of people’s intrinsic ability to conquer on and expand as their life’s journey unfolds, especially through the most challenging times. It is an artistic piece that can be worn or displayed as visual art that is a reminder of their innate warrior spirit.